Effect of size change and brightness change of visual stimuli on loudness perception and pitch perception of auditory stimuli
Syouya Tanabe, Mamoru Iwaki

Last modified: 2011-09-02


People obtain a lot of information from visual and auditory sensation on daily life. Regarding effect of visual stimuli on perception of auditory stimuli, studies of phonological perception and sound localization have been made in great numbers. This study examined effect of visual stimuli on perception in loudness and pitch of auditory stimuli. We used the image of figures whose size or brightness was changed as visual stimuli, and the sound of pure tone whose loudness or pitch was changed as auditory stimuli. Those visual and auditory stimuli were combined independently to make four types of audio-visual multisensory stimuli for psychophysical experiments. In the experiments, participants judged change in loudness or pitch of auditory stimuli, while they judged the direction of size change or the kind of a presented figure in visual stimuli. Therefore they cannot neglect visual stimuli, while they judged auditory stimuli. As a result, perception in loudness and pitch were promoted significantly around their difference limen, when the image was getting bigger or brighter, compared with the case which the image has no changes. This indicates that perception in loudness and pitch were affected by change in size and brightness of visual stimuli.

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